Saturday, March 3, 2012

Olive Penguins

My kids love these. I saw them on Taste of Home- but the recipe called for minced onion, horseradish, salt... all kinds of things. I did it with plain ol' cream cheese . Seriously mine were 3 ingredients compared to the 11 ingredients on the recipe. Anyways, that was my inspiration :) To see the full recipe you can click here.
  • Cut a slit from the top to bottom of 1/2 of your olives. Carefully (to not tear your olive) pipe your cream cheese into the middle of the olive. Cut a small triangle out of each carrot slice; press triangles into the other half of the olives for a beak. On each notched carrot slice, position an olive so the white chest is lined up with the notch. Place the beaked olive, hole side down, over the 'body' olive so the beak, chest and feet are aligned. Carefully insert a toothpick through the top of head into body and carrot base. You can wrap a green onion or pimento around the neck for a scarf if you want.

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